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Greensville Outreach 2014/15

Greensville Outreach 2014/15

We will be hosting Shaykh Haroon Hanif (Liverpool) for seven sessions this year covering the course 'Dying and Death: Preparing for the final Journey'

Railway Street Community Centre, Railway Street, Nelson

7:30pm till 9:30pm

£5 Per Session

8 October 2014

Session 1 – Reflections on Death

The opening session will discuss reflections on the imminence of death as a spiritual healing.

12 November 2014

Session 2 – The Moment of Death

This will discuss how to be around someone dying and what should happen as soon as a person has died.

10 December 2014

Session 3 – Funeral Rites: Part 1

There will be a discussion about practical steps that need to be carried out with a detailed discussion on washing the deceased.    

14 January 2015

Session 4 – Funeral Rites: Part 2

There will be a demonstration of how to shroud a dead body and a detailed explanation of how to pray funeral prayer.

11 February 2015

Session 5 – The Graveyard

This session will describe the burial and will discuss how to behave at the graveyard.

11 March 2015

Session 6 – Financial Matters

This session will show how to write a will and will cover how the estate of the deceased is dealt with. There will be a simplified introduction into inheritance rules.

10 June 2015

Session 7 – Bereavement

The last session will discuss dealing with the pain of loss and consoling the family of the deceased.